Men as contraceptive users

This paper reviews 47 current activities, programs and evidence that affect men’s use of contraceptive methods. The review includes three methods that men use directly, namely condoms, vasectomy and withdrawal, and one that requires their direct cooperation, namely the Standard Days Method.

Reaching men: Addressing the blind spot in the HIV response.

To address men’s underutilization of HIV services, efforts are needed on two fronts: challenging the regressive gender norms that discourage men from seeking health services, and developing improved health system policies, programmes, and service delivery strategies to ensure better provision of HIV services to men.

Global Sexual and Reproductive Health Service Package for men and adolescent boys.

This Service Package has been developed to support providers of sexual and reproductive health services to increase the range and quality of services to meet the specific and diverse needs of men and adolescent boys. This package focuses specifically on the provision of such services integrated within clinical and non-clinical contexts and follows a gender-transformative […]