Village community mobilization is associated with reduced HIV incidence in young South African women participating in the HPTN 068 study cohort

Sheri A Lippman, Anna M Leddy, Torsten B Neilands, Jennifer Ahern, Catherine MacPhail, Ryan G Wagner, Dean Peacock, Rhian Twine, Dana E Goin, F Xavier Gomez-Oliv, Amanda Selin, Stephen M Tollman, Kathleen Kahn, and Audrey Pettifor

Community mobilization (CM) has been associated with increased HIV testing and condom use and has been called a ‘critical enabler’ for addressing the HIV epidemic. This paper examines the association of CM with incident HIV among adolescent girls and young women (ages 13 to 21) enrolled in the HPTN 068 cohort in the Agincourt Health and socio-Demographic Surveillance System, South Africa.