Leaving No Man Behind: Improving HIV Services for Men

Over the past decade, the South African government has made progress in tackling HIV, and now provides over three million patients with access to life-saving antiretroviral therapies (ARTs). Nearly seventy percent of the recipients are women. In May, I had the opportunity to discuss this gender disparity with Dr. Lynne Wilkinson outside the Ubuntu Clinic […]

Allowing Men to Care

In South Africa, the end of apartheid in 1994 affected many things, including gender relations. Many men support government efforts to achieve the vision of a gender-equitable society as articulated in South Africa’s Constitution and Bill of Rights. However, men still face widespread pressures to express their manhood in more traditional ways, such as authority […]

I have two healthy hands

A case study about how a group of men in the Eastern Cape overcame gender stereotypes and care for the sick and disadvantaged.

The ‘One Man Can’ Model: Community Mobilization as an Approach to Promote Gender Equality and Reduce HIV Vulnerability in South Africa

This case study examines qualitative data collected as part of a gender equality and HIV prevention intervention implemented in rural South Africa that engaged men 18 to 35 years old to increase their support for girls’ and women’s rights and to decrease men’s unsafe sexual practices, especially those that increase girls’ and young women’s vulnerability […]